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                                    WINXIANGLI , BRING THE VALUE OF MARKETING TO YOU RAPIDLY

                                    Specialist of ten years marketing and outsourcing , Solve the difficulty of catching customer for enterprise’ direct marketing and the difficulty of setting up marketing places , Could be cost by marketing effect .

                                    Service Object

                                    Cooperation Model

                                    Marketing Places

                                    Super Advantage

                                    Case Appreciation

                                    Contact with us

                                    General headquarters In Nanjing

                                    Address : Putong Building 2, Taixi Road Pukou district

                                    Tel: 400-960-8199 86-025-86220190/ 57070580

                                    Branch company in Beijing

                                    Add: The Green ground Centre Square Tongzhou in Beijing.

                                    Tel: 400-960-819986-010-53916703

                                    Branch company in Shanghai

                                    Add: No 391, Qingsong Road, Qingpu district , Shanghai.

                                    Tel: 400-960-819986-021-39728056

                                    Branch company in Guangzhou

                                    Add: Dongying Commercial Park , Tianhe district ,Guangzhou.

                                    Tel: 400-960-8199 86-020-89563119

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